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By Dima Sharov

Good Time's Back

The colorful Jewish calendar which the Grand Choral Synagogue mails out to thousands of Jewish families around St.Petersburg, requires urgent corrections. The printable makeup was almost ready when the Government confirmed the winter time change will be back in effect this year.
The calendar indicates exact timing for every sun-dependent religious practice of Judaism, such as lighting Shabat candles, prayers or wearing the tefillin.
"Being aware of the discussion related to the winter time, going on in the Federal Government, we thought we'd better leave the calendar makeup untouched until that information gets confirmed by the officials. We're happy about the fact that they eventually announced the change now, when we still have time to rearrange the timings in the printable version. Another week and we'd probably come up with inferior calendars. But whatever G-d does, he does for the best, says Moishe Treskunov, head of the read more...

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By: Dima Sharov

Groom, Bride and 17 Weddings

According to the media, this year's Night of Museums turned out to look like a happy hour for theGrand Choral Synagogue of St. Petersburg. Being for the second time, part of the International event when museums and cultural institutions open doors for public at night, the Synagogue managed to become one of the greatest attractions in town.
People were spending hours in that endless line around the nearest blocks, just to get inside the Synagogue and see everything with their own eyes.
...And there really was a lot to see...
An appealing Bride, joyful Groom and sage Rabi, those were the impersonations by Elena Slabkovskaya, Mark Gluzman and Victor Amchislavski, who managed to survive in this read more...

By Dima Sharov

Memorial Board Dedicated to Jews Opened at St.-Petersburg Cemetery

On May 5th, 2014, the granite memorial board dedicated to the “Sons and Daughters of the Jewish People, Defenders of the city of Leningrad and Victims of the Siege", was solemnly opened at the Piskarevski Memorial Cemetery.
A group of enthusiasts from all major Jewish organizations of St. Petersburg have come up with the idea of the memorial board at the cemetery dedicated to those Jews who lived, fought and died in the city under siege. The initiators decided to contact Izraeli Ambassador in Russia, Mrs. Dorit Golender. She, in her turn, submitted her formal request to St. Petersburg City Governor, Georgy Poltavchenko, who approved the installation.
All financial expenses were covered by a St. Petersburg businessman, Andrei Gorbenko read more...

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Passover Stats of St.-Petersburg
• 15 Metric Tons of Matza totally sold in St. Petersburg this Passover season. • 2,000 Free Passover how-to booklets handed out to visitors of the Grand Choral Synagogue.  

Synagogue Announces Tzedaka Mug Contest
Tzedaka is a Hebrew word literally meaning "justice" but traditionally standing for "charity". However the concept of Tzedaka is being more commonly used to signify charity as an obligation pertaining to the Jewish culture rather than any other act of generosity or good will.  

Memorial Board To Mark Shagal Just Opened in St. Petersburg
There is a house downtown St.Petersburg where famous artist Mark Shagal used to live about a century ago. The famous artist, Movsha Shagalov at birth, and his young wife named Bella, spent several years in our city, 1907 through 1918.  

"...I Found My Thrill..."
Alexei Gnesin, a board member of the St. Petersburg Jewish Community, has once been travelling around the US and came across the surprising fact that an average Jewish person in America would obviously pick a Jewish lawyer and a Jewish doctor should they need one or the other.  

Kosher Online
Russia is a country of long distances and St. Petersburg is no exception. There are numerous Jews in town willing to eat kosher, but they just can't afford spending hours getting around.  





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