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Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel Yitzhak Yosef
in St.-Petersburg Synagogue

24 December 2014
Photo: Alexander Ogurtzov                                                                                               see more...


Pomogu – I will help!

By Dima Sharov

The St. Petersburg Grand Choral Synagogue introduces a new online charity project: is a brand new charity project by the St. Petersburg Jewish Community and Grand Choral Synagogue (pomogu in Russian means: I will help). Now anyone willing to give a hand to those in need, is enabled to do that without even leaving his or her cosy room.
Donations are accepted from smartphones, credit cards, Yandex Money, Qiwi Wallets and other online cash transfer services.
Pages of the new website will always be full of true stories.
Here is a Jewish family with children but with no means of survival. This old lady is in urgent need of insulin for her diabetes. And this much is the electricity bill of the read more...

By Dima Sharov

A second Mikva is now avaialble in St. Petersburg

Until recently, the Grand Choral Synagogue was the only place in St. Petersburg with a Mikva available for ritual immersions. However, one mikva in the whole town didn't seem to be sufficient for our rapidly growing Jewish community.
But now things have changed.
On December 17, 2014 a brand new mikva opened for community members at the Jewish Community Center “Maor” near the subway station of "Lesnaya". The Opening Ceremony turned out to be attended by Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel, Mr. David Lau.
From now on, people wouldn't have to travel all the way across town to enjoy practicing read more...


By Dima Sharov

Twelve Candles

Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi of Israel, Mr. David Lau, was present at the Opening Ceremony of the monument to the Leningrad Rabbis killed in 1937.

Twelve Leningrad Rabbis were sentenced to death in 1937 and 1938. Twelve mourning candles were lit at the Levashovski Cemetery of St. Petersburg on December, 18th this year.
Back at times of the Soviet Rule and political repressions, all kinds of religious practices were completely illegal, therefore all confessions were banned, and their leaders, including Rabbis, subjected to merciless execution.

Mr. Ifrah Abramov, one of today's St. Petersburg Rabis, has found the exact spot where bodies were burried by searching through an impressive number of documents from the Soviet era. He managed to get access to the KGB archives of that period. The research has brought up the fact that all those Rabbis have been dug in somewhere at this Levashovski Cemetery read more...


By Dima Sharov

Calendar On The Way

As 5775 is looming on the horizon, The Jewish Calendar by the Grand Choral Synagogue of SPB isout now and making its way to over 20,000 St. Petersburg Jewish families. This colorful edition with a panoramic view cover is dedicated to the city buildings somehow linked to the life and history of the local Jewish diaspora.
The calendar tells you which St. Petersburg building used to accommodate the Jewish orphanage or school, or The Hall of Charity. It actually shows you the face of the city from a different angle and in a different light, making it look a bit more Jewish.
All pictures in the Calendar have been digitally processed to make them look older and more «historical». Some of them really are, like all those original postcards, old portraits, and even this authentic Jewish charity diner food stamp listing «specials of the day» at Ligovski 61, such as fish, meat or сereal read more...


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Good Time's Back
The colorful Jewish calendar which the Grand Choral Synagogue mails out to thousands of Jewish families around St.Petersburg, requires urgent corrections. The printable makeup was almost ready when the Government confirmed the winter time change will be back in effect this year.   

Groom, Bride and 17 Weddings
According to the media, this year's Night of Museums turned out to look like a happy hour for the Grand Choral Synagogue of St. Petersburg. Being for the second time, part of the International event when museums and cultural institutions open doors for public at night, the Synagogue managed to become one of the greatest attractions in town.  

Memorial Board Dedicated to Jews Opened at St.-Petersburg Cemetery
On May 5th, 2014, the granite memorial board dedicated to the “Sons and Daughters of the Jewish People, Defenders of the city of Leningrad and Victims of the Siege", was solemnly opened at the Piskarevski Memorial Cemetery.  

Passover Stats of St.-Petersburg
• 15 Metric Tons of Matza totally sold in St. Petersburg this Passover season. • 2,000 Free Passover how-to booklets handed out to visitors of the Grand Choral Synagogue.  

Synagogue Announces Tzedaka Mug Contest
Tzedaka is a Hebrew word literally meaning "justice" but traditionally standing for "charity". However the concept of Tzedaka is being more commonly used to signify charity as an obligation pertaining to the Jewish culture rather than any other act of generosity or good will.  





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