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 Passover-5774 in St.-Petersburg  April 15 – April 22
 Please join our Community Seder in Grand Choral Synagogue of
  2, Lermontovsky av., 7 (812) 713-8186 
 SederApril 14 at 8.30 pm. Ticket price 800 roubles
 Tickets can be purchased in Grand Choral Synagogue
 the following hours:
 April 7-10, 13  10.00 am – 7.00 pm
 April 11  10.00 am – 4.00 pm

By Dima Sharov

Memorial Board To Mark Shagal Just Opened in St. Petersburg

There is a house downtown St.Petersburg where famous artist Mark Shagal used to live about acentury ago. The famous artist, Movsha Shagalov at birth, and his young wife named Bella, spent several years in our city, 1907 through 1918. That period was the time of education and formation for a young artist, when his talent, professional career and social life were in process of rapid development.Mark Shagal and his wife moved into the house in Perekupnoi pereulok in 1915.
In 1973, Shagal revisited St. Petersburg, and in 1981 he donated some of his prints to the Hermitage that arranged a series of his exhibitions that year.

Now there is this memorial board right on the facade of the residential building, with the read more...

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"...I Found My Thrill..."

By Dima Sharov

Alexei Gnesin, a board member of the St. Petersburg Jewish Community, has once been travelling around the US and came across the surprising fact that an average Jewish person in America would obviously pick a Jewish lawyer and a Jewish doctor should they need one or the other. Alexei was a little perplexed at first, but later he realized there was nothing wrong about that and even liked the approach.
So when two enthusiasts, Irina Dobkina and Olga Andrienko came up with the idea of creating a Jewish club for personal and business contacts, Alexei decided to go for it.
Today, Jewerly Hills accommodates over a hundred young people, who are all creative and ambitious pros at various areas. They have monthly meetings in town, communicate read more...

Kosher Online

By Dima Sharov

Russia is a country of long distances and St. Petersburg is no exception. There are numerous Jews in town willing to eat kosher, but they just can't afford spending hours getting around. Especially if they don't live right next door to the Synagogue. Shopping online has proven to be a good solution.
The whole versatility of the world has been at the tip of our fingers ever since the internet became ubiquitous. Now that anyone can get virtually anything online, including kosher foodstuff. Alexander Daimand, owner of the St.Petersburg-based online project, was the one to actually start bringing kosher foods you order online, right at your doorstep.
«We're far from trying to make money on this. The very idea behind the project is more read more...

Kosher Sushi Place

By Dima Sharov

Until recently there were only two kosher restaurants in St.Petersburg: the one right at the Synagogue, called "LeHaim" and "Golden", a cafeteria out in town.
Now yet another Japanese sushi network called Vasabi started offering a kosher menu. The kosher food stuff comes separately without being mixed with everything else. The thing is to warn the waiter about the fact that you want kosher sushi.
Osher Nudelman, restaurant's mashgiah (supervisor of kashrut), says they'd spent several months developing the menu and establishing links with ingredient suppliers in China and the U.S.
The restaurant offers a wide range of sushi rolls, as well as sashimi, all in traditional, spicy and baked versions. The selection of beverages is also impressing. There are both alcohol and alcohol free cocktails, all with read more...

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When the time's right
By Dima Sharov  

Synagogue's 120 was celebrated by the Jewish Community
December, 8th is the day when The Grand Choral Synagogue of St. Petersburg was first opened and sanctified, exactly 120 years ago.  

Сhanukka Celebration in Grand Choral Synagogue of St.-Petersburg
November 27, 2013  

Open Day at Grand Choral Synagogue of St. Petersburg
By Dima Sharov  

The Jewish Boxing
Sunday, November 3, 2013 turned out to be a big day for the Jewish community of St. Petersburg.  





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